Changing your Tula Baby carrier Leg Padding

Hello again! I know I don't write on here much but, I've got a few minutes to share with you how to change the fabric on the leg padding of your Tula Baby Carrier. **PLEASE NOTE** Customizing or changing your Tula Baby Carrier in any way voids the warranty. Please use extreme caution when stitching!

I finally got a toddler sized Tula but, I did not care for the mustard yellow leg padding on the Grey ZZ. I decided to change it.

Materials used:
Cotton fabric (I found it at Walmart with the fat quarters)
Lining (if needed. I used white fleece since it was all I had but, there are better options out there)
Matching thread

First, I measured the width and length of the leg padding and just cut a rectangular square of fabric to pin to the leg padding on the Tula. It came out to be 4 1/2 inches wide and 8 1/2 inches tall (with a 1 inch seam allowance included). You will want to measure your Tula since they are not all exactly the same. (My standard sized Tula's leg padding was about an inch shorter than my toddler sized Tula.)

Doing just a rectangle, I discovered there was just so much fabric and it was bunching everywhere. It just looked bad. Even after trimming to get it to fit properly, I hated it. So, I took a sheet of paper and with my measurements, drew the rectangle with one side more rounded to allow me to pin it better. This is the result. (Sorry, scanner is currently packed up and I didn't get a picture before I cut it out.) Click the photo for full size.

Next, I pinned the paper to the fabric and cut 2 pieces.

I began pinning the fabric to the leg padding on the Tula by starting with the top of the curve. To pin it, fold a small hem along the edge of the fabric and put the folded edge all the way to the edge of the leg padding, just touching the canvas. Here's a photo kind of showing you how I folded the hem and was pinning it to the leg padding.

To get it to fit better at the top, I folded it like this:

After I pinned the fabric, I then discovered that you could see the folded edge through the fabric. It bothered me so, I took a piece of white fleece (all I had on hand) and used my template to cut out 2 pieces of it. I then trimmed it so it would fit inside where I had folded so it wouldn't cause the hem to be bunched up. *Please excuse the poor cutting job. Fabric scissors are packed up and I used the only ones I could find.*

Here it is pinned on one side (before adding the fleece)

After adding the fleece:

Then I pinned the other side too.

Next, I took a needle and thread and blind stitched all the way around by hand. I don't have any pictures of this part, sorry!

To blind stitch, I watched a few youtube videos and a video posted in the Customized Tulas! Facebook group by Ashley Brostrom. Here's the link for those of you in the group. Click me

I will post the youtube link once she puts it up there.

And all finished!


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